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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

Silk Panels

Beautiful silk panels with covered button accents.  The fabric was simply scrumptious and it added just the right touch to finish off the room.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Order it online? Really?

Being a touch and feel kinda person makes it hard to order something online.  But I just did it.  I will be posting a photo of the finished bedding when I am completely finished with all the accessories.  It should be beautiful.  Here is the link: Onlinefabricstore.net

Monday, November 26, 2012

Pink and Polka Dots

The French doors to this little girl's bedroom are lightly covered with sheer white dotted Swiss fabric. This creates a semi-private feel.  The girls are only 2 and 3 years old.  So parents peeking in once in a while is expected.
  This room had two windows that balloon shades on a tension rod were installed.  Some sheer dotted Swiss panels were added to again create privacy for the girls.  
 The tie backs on the french doors were one of the stripes from the fabric turned and fastened in place.
Over each bed a flowered corona was placed and sheer dotted Swiss panels and valance were hung.  Each girl sleeps in a big girl bed and feels like a princess.  The chandelier is pink and clear crystals.  Adorable!

Roll Top Heading

Here is a terrific looking heading for a stationary panel.  Creates a column look between windows or just one panel flanking each side of the window.  Eye catching and dramatic.   
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A precious sewing room find

Look what I found on my sewing table in my home based workroom.  I just have to stop sewing and play with my darling new grandson.  He won't be little for ever.  So in an attempt to enjoy life's little pleasures, I had some Grandma time!  Our days get busy, and we keep a full schedule, but life is short, so enjoy these precious moments.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lots of Windows--Lots of Grommets

This bedroom was painted a bright aqua and had lots of windows. Actually one of the windows was a set of french doors which led to a balcony. There was lots to cover and a need to close the draperies often so the "teenager" could sleep in if she so desired.

My challenge was to create something that was fresh, contemporary and very functional.

So knowing how well grommets travel back and forth on a metal rod, I started there. Unable to find any matching fabric to coordinate with the Pottery Barn bedding that had be selected, we chose white duck fabric, lined it with blockout lining and trimmed it with bright aqua pom pom fringe. The rods were mounted in the corners of the bay and floor length draperies were added.

The view was spectacular.

Unfortunately my photo showing the draperies all closed is dark. Guess why? The lining was doing its job.
She was very happy with the treatments.
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Sweet, silver and silk baby nursery

Sweet, silver and silk baby nursery
Why not start life wrapped in silk

A little nap

A little nap
The nap time has been designated

Roman Shades

Roman Shades
Colorful stripes

Roman Shades

These roman shades are functional and create a sense of happiness in the rooms. Three of the shades are in a child's play room--fun for Annie. The other is in the sun filled breakfast room. The homeowner can moderate and control the amount of light with the draw of the cord. The fabric was perfect for this application. Roman shades are not only functional but also can create a beautiful palette of color using a "bunch" of stripes.

Roman Shades

Roman Shades
Using lots of color