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Pink and Polka Dots

The French doors to this little girl's bedroom are lightly covered with sheer white dotted Swiss fabric. This creates a semi-private feel.  The girls are only 2 and 3 years old.  So parents peeking in once in a while is expected.
  This room had two windows that balloon shades on a tension rod were installed.  Some sheer dotted Swiss panels were added to again create privacy for the girls.  
 The tie backs on the french doors were one of the stripes from the fabric turned and fastened in place.
Over each bed a flowered corona was placed and sheer dotted Swiss panels and valance were hung.  Each girl sleeps in a big girl bed and feels like a princess.  The chandelier is pink and clear crystals.  Adorable!


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Dining Room Window

This post is going to illustrate the process of a window treatment and how it comes to completion.  First off, I was fortunate enough to have wonderful clients, Sarah and Jeff C.  They have a beautiful home with architecturally beautiful windows.  This dining room window faces the street.  I photographed the window at the beginning.  See the great shape and size.  
They wanted some privacy in the evening while entertaining and yet wanted the light to come in during the day.  We installed an embroidered sheer that was fully operational and solid colored pinch pleated stationary side panels.
Then came the fun part.  I designed and created a pattern for a wide slender swag which was a mirror image of the arch at the top of the window.  It was to stretch from side to side, allowing the upper arched area of the window to reveal pure, undressed light.  So starting at one side with the swag, my terrific installers moved to the other side to complete the installation of the swag.  …

Bold Ends Up As A Basic

Black and white is usually considered a basic. As a large buffalo check it made a statement. This Webster Groves home had an addition added to the back of the house. They built a beautiful new kitchen and breakfast room. The area was full of sunshine and big enough to hold their large family gatherings. The client showed me a photo from a magazine and I recreated what she wanted.
With pale yellow paint on the walls, we jazzed up the windows with these roman shades. It was just the punch this spacious area needed. The treatments were mounted on the wide white woodwork which "framed" my work. Somehow that makes me sound like an artist. Well, I do consider myself "artistic".  But, when you put a "frame" around something, I think that could make you an artist. What would Van Gogh say to that? 
Anyway, I love the statement these simple roman shades made in this room. The homeowners were happy and that made me happy. Basically, the black and white was just perfec…

Luggage tags

When it is time to travel, it is time to have a personalized luggage tag.  Happy Travels.